Women With SCI: Dating

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The Shepherd Center has created a video series which aims to empower women who live with spinal cord injury. In the video below, four women give their perspective on dating post-injury.

Terrill, a C5 quadriplegic, admits she was fearful of dating after her injury. She had thoughts of insecurities about how she would not be able to find someone who would want to date her. Terrill started seeing a therapist who challenged her to make an online dating profile that did not hide the fact she was a wheelchair user.

“I want you to be honest and say “I have this injury, but I’m still awesome. Hit me up.”

Terrill was shocked when she woke up to 250 messages from guys who were interested in her. Terrill was not ready to date at the time but says her therapist proved a point.

“The interesting thing about dating apps is I’m totally comfortable with my situation and it’s likely that the person is not to be,” says Karen, a C6 quadriplegic. On a first date, Karen feels as if she needs to joke about her disability to make it more approachable.

DeAnna, a T7-T8 paraplegic, states “In order to be comfortable with anyone else you have to be comfortable with yourself and in order to be comfortable with yourself you have to properly cope in the beginning.”

Karen discusses how it seems to be easy for people to create milestones for themselves. She gives the example “I’ll start pursuing love when I start driving.”

“People don’t focus on our injuries as much as we do.”

In Terrill’s dating experience she finds that men seem to not care about her injury. She states, “If they do care they’re not worth your time!”

Janet, an L2 paraplegic, leaves viewers with one of her favorite quotes - “The wheelchair will weed out people you don’t want to be with.”

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