Wheelchair User's Perspective On Teamwork And Relationships

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Alicia Reagan
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Alicia Reagan, a wheelchair user, shares how she learned the beauty of teamwork by training for a Rough Terrain 5K Race. Alicia’s friends will help her through each course of monkey bars, mud crawling, uneven terrain, ropes, and more.

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Alicia and her team practiced on a couple obstacles that her friend had built in her backyard. The first obstacle was a rope course. Alicia says that at first she looked at the ropes and then back at her friends, and thought they were all crazy. Alicia writes, “As we sat there looking at that rope…that very first obstacle of so many more…I looked at my team and thought they were all crazy. What had we gotten into?! There was NO way this girl was going to be looping her legs over any rope. Suddenly, a plan had been hatched and everyone had a part.” Alicia and her team formulated a plan to get through the ropes. Alicia grabbed the rope above her head, while one person grabbed her, lifting her out of her chair. Another person grabbed her legs, and someone else moved Alicia’s wheelchair out of the way. Then a friend bent down with Alicia’s back on hers, as the team literally kept Alicia’s body stable as she worked her way down the rope.

“We spent the next couple hours, obstacle by obstacle, completing that back yard course. Each obstacle we faced, we strategized, everyone got in their place to do their job and they got me safely over and through every obstacle.”

Alicia proclaims that it was extremely moving for her to watch those she loves and love her take such great care and sacrifice to help her get through each obstacle on the course. Alicia continues by saying that the way she was treated by her friends is a good representation of what every relationship should be like, whether it be a friendship, marriage, family, or co-worker.

“We all face obstacles and many stand on the sidelines and offer advice. Plenty are willing to tell you how crazy you are and ask why you would even keep trying, yet wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone just jumped in to help each other in life face things they just cannot do on their own?”

Alicia says that she could dwell on how the obstacle course magnified her physical weaknesses or she can dwell on the amazingness of her team who lent her support when she needed it the most.

“You know, (teamwork) isn’t easy. It requires effort. It requires a lot of thought. And many of us came out of that in some pain. But it would have been impossible alone.”

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