Ways of Coping with Caregiver Stress

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Curated by
Kristen Sachs

A caregiver's job is stressful. No matter whether you're caring for someone part time or full time, stress is something that comes with the job.

But there are ways of effectively dealing with the stress, and other caregivers have shared what works for them. These tips won't eliminate stress, but they might help with coping.

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Enjoy the Little Things

Sometimes little breaks or self treats go a long way. Here's what other caregivers turn to.

  • "I make a cup of tea when I get home, then snuggle up with my cat & listen to her purr."
  • "After the day I had, tonight it was a glass of wine and later ice cream with a banana and chocolate syrup."
  • "Listen to some positive Pandora music when showering and getting dressed."

Take a Real Break

Not all caregivers are able to step away for an extended amount of time. But if you can, you should.

"I make sure I go away completely by myself for a couple of weekends a year. I find some kind of conference I am interested in a place I would love to see and just go. I do not feel one bit guilty, because I come back refreshed and stronger to deal with life!"

Break Out a Hobby

Finding a new hobby - or picking up an old one - even for just a few minutes at a time is a great way to recharge as a caregiver.

  • "I work outside about an hour a day in my flowerbeds and garden."
  • "Writing. I hope to one day write a book on my experience as a caregiver."

Turn to a Furry Friend

Furbabies can bring us such joy - whether it's for some snuggle time or to lend a listening ear.

  • "When I can I go visit with my horses which I haven’t ridden in over a year- and my dog sleeps on my bed with me and knows when I’m overdone."
  • "Chocolate and talking to my sweet golden retriever."

Do any of these tips resonate with you? Be sure to share this post with other caregivers to encourage them to find ways of dealing with the stress a life of care often brings.


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