WAGS Of SCI: Wives And Girlfriends Of Spinal Cord Injuries

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Elena Pauly and Brooke Page have started an Instagram community called WAGS of SCI: Wives and Girlfriends of Spinal Cord Injuries. WAGS is an acronym usually used for describing wives and girlfriends of professional athletes. However, Elena and Brooke have started to change the meaning of WAGS by providing a sisterhood where women in situations similar to their own can feel supported.

Elena and partner kissing

Elena often used hashtags in the captions of her pictures on Instagram like #quadwife and #spinalcord. Brooke came across one of Elena’s pictures and realized they were in similar situations and lived close to each other.

The two friends would meet up and their conversations would often be disability-related as they are both dating someone who has a spinal cord injury.

“Just being able to relate to somebody in your shoes is just really hard to find. We never wanted a woman whose partner has a spinal cord injury to ever feel alone again.”

The two women started the WAGS of SCI Instagram account in November 2017. The Instagram account highlights a new story each day of a different woman’s experience of being in an inter-abled relationship. “We’re the only ones who understand our situation. Our friends don’t get it. Our families don’t get it,” says Brooke.

Charisma Jamison, who is dating her boyfriend Cole who is a quadriplegic, shares how the account has helped her in her relationship. “There’s going to be people out there that have a strong opinion about our relationship, but that’s their problem, not ours. There’s times I get really frustrated, but the women are always there to give me advice,” she says.

Brooke leaves readers with this statement, “Love is love, and just because you’re in a wheelchair does not mean you’re not worthy of love.”

Are you in a relationship with someone who is living with a spinal cord injury? Share your story with us at AbleThrive.com!

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