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Many people who experience physical trauma, such as spinal cord injuries, often engage in physical therapy as part of their post-injury treatment. Patients and therapists must work together closely in order to maximize the effects of therapeutic exercises. Theo was one of those patients who worked closely with his therapists after his spinal cord injury in 2013.

Since his injury, Theo has chosen to focus on maximizing his recovery by using, among other techniques, Pilates in his training sessions. Theo and his trainer Stephanie recently headed up a workshop at a Pilates center in Southern California where they shared techniques and insights with trainers who work with spinal cord injured patients.

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During their three-day workshop, one major point Theo and Stephanie emphasized was the importance of trust between therapist and patient, and that trust often begins with the trainer’s attitude. “The client can have his entire world changed – for good or bad! – by the attitude of his trainer,” shares Theo. And in his experience, Theo says approaching training sessions with a positive and encouraging mindset can often produce positive results – something that’s important for both trainer and patient/client to remember.

Theo shared this insight after reflecting on his and Stephanie’s workshop experience:

“We did our best to facilitate increased understanding and trust not through pointing at it directly – it is never fixed so simply – but rather through the Pilates-based movements and subsequent verbal-tactile feedback that I know have helped me. … Awareness and trust in this relationship are critical for rehab when working with a therapist, just as they are in so many other settings: student-teacher, player-coach, community-police, public-government.”

You can learn more about Theo and his workshop session in the original post that appears on his blog The Overcoming.

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