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A car accident 18 years ago caused Tracy Heine to break her neck, leaving her a quadriplegic. After the accident, Tracy picked herself up and tackled life, all the while raising her 10-month-old son. She became a motivational speaker and used various platforms to reach out to others. Not only does Tracy travel around the country to spread her message, the Internet and social media have also been great avenues for her to connect with people all over the world.

A chance at love

In 2010, Tracy met Roy online. They instantly clicked, sharing common interests such as running. When Tracy mentioned that she would have loved to participate in the Comrades Marathon, Roy promised to complete the race for her. When fatigue rolled in, Roy texted Tracy, saying: “My quads are killing me.” Her subsequent reply, “Do it for this quad,” was what fuelled his desire and gave him extra motivation to complete the marathon. He crossed the finishing line, holding up a huge photo of Tracy with the words “for my friend” written on it. 

Roy then flew to Mbombela, where Tracy resided, and gave her the Comrades medal. And from that day onward, he was known as Tracy’s Mr Sexy Legs. He then relocated to Mbombela to be with her. Their love was once again broadcasted when Roy participated in the Ironman race a few years later, this time round carrying the same photo of Tracy, amended with the words “for my girlfriend.”

This very poster made its grand appearance once more on the day of their wedding. Roy ran a short victory lap, holding the poster up that now read, “for my wife.”

A few days before the wedding, Tracy also affectionately shared her excitement online. She wrote: “I had sexy legs once upon a time. Only after I was paralysed, did I truly appreciate what I’d lost. But 18 long years later, I finally get my legs back when I marry the love of my life on Saturday and become Mrs Sexy Legs Heine.”

Their wedding was celebrated by their family and the community, most of whom are considered friends. Tracy’s son, Chad, led the toast by thanking his mother for her unconditional love. “

“Yes, I scratch your hair, put your phone to your ear and give you water. But you have done so much more for me,” he shared, reminding the guests that motherhood is more than one’s physical abilities.

Roy’s son, Phil, also complimented the couple for their loyalty, compassion, and generosity. Tracy’s brother, Trent, noticed the diverse guests and praised them on their ability to bring people together. “From Van der Merwe to Nkosi, from caregiver to shoe salesman. You two make people unite,” he said.

Lastly, the couple thanked everyone who helped make the wedding such a successful one. 

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