Sexual Positions for Men with Spinal Cord Injuries

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Dr. Mitchell Tepper is an expert on sexuality and disability. Mitchell, a quadriplegic, says creativity and willingness to try new things are key ingredients for couples who are looking to find what works for them in the bedroom.

In this video, Mitchell and his partner tastefully demonstrate and explain sexual position options for men with spinal cord injuries.

"Finding the right position for you and your partner is a matter of open-mindness, creativity, experimentation, adventure, adaptation, and maintaining a sense of humor."

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When it comes to foreplay, Mitchell suggests using a body pillow to help support areas of the body where muscles are weak or compromised. "As someone with limited mobility, I find it important to have lots of pillows in my bedroom," he shares.

Once foreplay has progressed to sexual engagement, Mitchell explains the position that works best for him. "As someone with a spinal cord injury, I spend a lot of time on the bottom." He uses a wedge to support his upper body while in a seated position on the bed. The wedge also helps Mitchell engage with his partner more intimately by being face to face during sexual activities.

On a practical note, Mitchell addresses the subject of bowel and bladder accidents, something people with spinal cord injuries sometimes experience. He suggests emptying the bowel and bladder close to the time one will engage in sexual activity. And as a precaution, put down a waterproof blanket or pad before getting onto the bed.

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Another sexual option for men with SCI is to perform oral sex on their partner. Mitchell demonstrates how he can pull up to the edge of the bed and scoot forward in his wheelchair, while his partner's body is supported on a wedge near the edge of the bed. In this position, both partners can be fully supported and comfortable.

Sexual activity doesn't have to stop when a partner has a spinal cord injury - there are still many ways to be intimate, and these are just a few. Be sure to share this post to encourage others to experiment and discover what works for them when it comes to being intimate.

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