Quadriplegic Love Story

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Love is in the air for Australian couple Perry and Susie. The pair were married in a secret ceremony in 2016 on Susie’s birthday after they dated for two years.

Perry is a quadriplegic who sustained a spinal cord injury at age 19 during a rugby match, and Susie is a former Australian marathon swimmer. They met in 2014 at a fundraiser for Perry’s organization, the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation, and they instantly hit it off. 'I was definitely attracted to her,” shares Perry. “I always knew it would take a special kind of person to understand my situation and appreciate what my life is like, and I found her!'

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The couple’s love for one another is clearly a top priority in their lives. “Once you're in love, you don't see them in a chair,” says Susie of her relationship with Perry. “Some people might think it's hard because it's not their kind of life. But Perry is my best friend and he makes me a better person.”

What a great example of true love!

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