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Written by
Kristen Sachs


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"As a caregiver to my quadriplegic husband, I am always on the lookout for skin issues. When a red spot crops up, I apply a foam dressing to help protect the area."

Kristen, a caregiver to her husband Jeff, says she keeps a box of Allevyn Gently Border foam dressings on hand at all times. "These are my favorite," she shares "because they are nicely padded and they have just enough adhesive so that they stick to but don't damage the skin."

foam dressing protects the skin underneath a catheter and urine bag connector

Kristen has used the foam dressings on her husband's feet, elbows, and bony prominences like his tailbone. "I even use one on his thigh just below where his catheter locks into place. Sometimes the port on the urine bag tubing will dig into his skin and cause irritation, so keeping a foam dressing on that area prevents skin breakdown."

Kristen even has this tip when using the Gentle Border dressings:

"As long as they don't get wet or soiled, they are reusable. I just save the coated packaging it comes in, or I've even used a piece of wax paper, and when we no longer need the dressing (and if it's in good shape), I just stick it to the paper to save for the next time we need it."

Keeping the skin healthy and protected is essential, and foam dressings can definitely help! Interested in trying them out yourself? Click below: 





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