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The relationship between a caregiver and the individual receiving the care is a very important one. Jorge, a paraplegic, gives his perspective on the best way to work with a caregiver.

“A caregiver really has to be intuitive about the person’s lifestyle,” says Jorge. He states that it is important for a caregiver to get to know a person’s demeanor. The caregiver needs to understand that they are not there to change the way a person is, but rather just assist them in living as independently as possible.

“You don’t want a caregiver that is going to slow a person down or try to accelerate and move them to fast in the lifestyle they live.”

Jorge gives an example of keeping a person’s demeanor in mind when choosing a caregiver by saying, “If that person is an obnoxious son of a gun, then he will be an obnoxious son of a gun.” A caregiver should be chosen to fit the lifestyle of the person they are providing care for.

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