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Brittany Déjean
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Curated by
Brittany Déjean

“Helping and nurturing have always been in her nature,” Kristen says about her daughter, Evie. From taking care of her stuffed animals as a kid to assisting her teacher in the classroom, Evie is a happy helper.

“There’s no doubt that her instinct to help has proven itself an coveted blessing in our new life.”

Not wanting to burden their daughter with too much responsibility, they seek a balance, to include her in chores while also finding time to let her be a kid.

A young daughter doubling as a caregiver

A little girl next to her quadriplegic dad in a power wheelchair both making silly faces

Evie is a very active, fun little girl, who plays with her dad as much as she watches out for him. “When Evie embraces her inner caregiver…she becomes very protective over Daddy. And what she transforms into is astounding.” Kristen noticed this most in an episode where Jeff was overheated during a heatwave and needed help to regulate his temperature. Evie watched over her dad in front of a fan while Kristen took care of other chores. Even when Kristen tried to do something for Jeff, Evie shooed her away, confidently scratching her dad’s face and refreshing the cool towels. It impacted them deeply.

“We smiled at each other with glossy eyes, sharing in the knowledge of our good fortune at having such a sweet, loving girl.”

“Evie’s hands-on role in caring for Jeff has not only served as a way to build her sense of responsibility, but has also strengthened the unbreakable bond between her and Jeff.” The duo were tight since the day Evie was born, but after Jeff was paralyzed in 2013, Evie is the only one capable of convincing Jeff that he’s still the same dad on the inside, even if he can’t move anymore.

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