Online Dating: Wheelchair User's Experience

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Online dating has become quite the fad in today’s society. Dating apps like Tinder give people the courage to be inherently real with what their looking for in a partner. Jack Hunter-Spivey is a paralympian who has cerebral palsy. Jack says he has been ‘ghosted’ by many girls once they found out that he uses a wheelchair.

Jack took to Facebook to conduct his own social experiment. He posted the question - “Would you date someone in a wheelchair? What are your first thoughts of a disabled person when you see them?” Jack was overwhelmed by the responses he received.

Screenshot of Jack's Facebook post with picture of Jack and friend

The comments on Jack’s post were full of positive remarks focusing more on Jack’s looks than his wheelchair.

“You know what, it’s sad you even have to ask. Being in a wheelchair doesn’t make you less of a person and I wouldn’t have any worries about dating someone in a wheelchair.”

The Facebook post  has motivated some of Jack’s friends that are in wheelchairs to venture out into the dating scene.

“In the past I’ve had people on Tinder who won’t talk to me after they find out I’m in a wheelchair,” says Jack. Jack’s social experiment proved that everyone has different perceptions. Jack’s Facebook post landed him a date. Sometimes it pays to put yourself out there!

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