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Written by
Brittany Déjean

Eric, a quadriplegic, met his partner, Sharon who is able-bodied on an online dating site.

Eric is not ashamed of who he is and his confidence showed on his dating profile. He wrote at the very top: “If you’re concerned of what other people might think or view, then you can stop reading.” Eric also wasn’t shy to include pictures of his wheelchair and wheelchair racing on his profile. When Sharon viewed Eric’s profile, it was “love at first sight.” Not only was she attracted by his photos, but she loved how he described himself. “In my heart I was thinking, ‘wow, it’s him,'” she shares.

Watching Sharon, it’s easy to see that Eric knows how to put a smile on her face. “I’ve met guys who are able bodied who don’t treasure relationships.” Sharon explains. “ So to me a gentleman sitting on a wheelchair is really amazing…I don’t really see him like he’s disabled, I think he’s just a guy on a chair…he’s able to do almost everything.”

Facing challenges together

A disability may bring unique challenges into a relationship, but it’s certainly not a problem for Eric and Sharon. According to the couple, they face difficulties “any normal couple would face.” “I don’t think there’s much difficulty in terms of my disability,” he says. “We face problems like any other couple so we try to resolve things by talking it out.”

He shares with us that in a relationship it always is give and take and his partner, Sharon, has been very giving. He understands at times it could exhausting for the other partner who keeps on giving, so Eric tries to maintain a balance by giving and receiving as well.

“The initial apprehension will be how our parents will stick to it.” Eric shares, “And of course for me is how her family will take the news of her dating a person with disability.” Some may have wondered how Eric would be able to take care of her, or what limitations he would face because of his disability but Sharon has no concerns about this. “They can tell he will take care of me in a certain way and most importantly, how he treasures me and how he treats me,” says Sharon. Her family has met and accepted Eric, “They think he is a nice guy…They just want me to be happy and I am happy.” She is very happy to have their support in her decision.

Sharon and Eric’s relationship has strengthened them in many ways and one of it is having a common faith and belief. It is something that both of them were looking for and valued in a partner. It sounds like they found their perfect match! “We’re in this for the long haul for sure,” says Eric with a big smile on his face.

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