My Identical Twin Has Cerebral Palsy

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Identical twins Adrianna and  Olivia may look alike, but they have a few differences. For instance, Adrianna is a swimmer, and Olivia loves theater. But there’s another difference that isn’t just about these girls’ individual interests. Olivia was born with cerebral palsy.

“Whenever anybody ever stares, we will always make sure to give them the look back,” laughs Adrianna when she talks about the inevitable stares she and Olivia face in public. But Adrianna’s smile fades and her words become serious as she explains why she and her family react the way they do when the get those stares.

“It’s not always the nice thing to do. But we always look back. Or say something because it’s not fair to her. We like to make sure that she is treated fairly by everybody. Because she needs to, and she deserves it.”

Adrianna and Olivia’s parents were told that Olivia would never walk after she was born. She now gets around with the aid of a wheelchair or forearm crutches. She laughs with her friends on school’s campus, and she performs onstage in front of captive audiences.

“Olivia just loves theater,” says a friend. “She’s found a place here. She really enjoys theater. She just brightens every room she comes into.”

These sisters clearly share an unbreakable bond. Watch the video below to get more insight into their lives.

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