Love Blossoms After Spinal Cord Injury

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Lizzy and Amen met at a chance encounter at the movies in 2007, but their romance took time to develop. While the outgoing Lizzie caught shy Amen’s eye immediately, it wouldn’t be until many years later that their relationship would develop into something more than friendship.

After their first meeting, Lizzie and Amen became friends on Facebook and began connecting with one another. They also spent hours on the phone together. “Our conversations will go to the wee-wee hours of the night with no topic off limits,” shares Amen.

An unexpected turn

Their friendship developed over that first year, then Lizzie was injured in a car accident while heading back to college after spring break in 2008. Following Lizzie’s spinal cord injury, Amen continued to be a presence in her life.

“I was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and during my physical rehabilitation, Amen was the one constant person I’d tell everything to.”

She would share information the doctors had told her, then Amen would look up the information online so he could gain a better understanding of what Lizzie was dealing with.


groom standing with his bride in a wheelchair

While Amen was ready to move their relationship forward, Lizzie was not. Her injury was preventing her from allowing herself to move forward with Amen. “I felt like I was damaged goods,” she shares. It took another year for Lizzie to change her thinking about her relationship with Amen. “As I was healing from the physical trauma caused by the car accident, I was also healing emotionally and coming to terms with the fact that God had given me a second chance at life and at Love."

Fast forward seven years, and Lizzie and Amen have finally tied the knot!

“I cannot wait to build our life together forever, and I’m so glad that I stopped wasting time and listened to everything I was feeling when I felt the confirmation that Amen was the man for me.”

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