Karla Sanchez: Relationships and SCI

Written by
Whitney Bailey
Written by
Whitney Bailey

Karla Sanchez, a T11 paraplegic, works as a peer mentor at Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center. She provides insight to those who are newly injured with spinal cord injuries. Karla recently had a candid discussion with AbleThrive about relationships post SCI. 

Karla and her husband

The best relationship advice Karla has for someone who is newly injured is to be confident and independent. “In my situation, my experience I was really confident about myself and I always tried to be as independent as possible. Whenever I was dating someone I would try to do as much as I can by myself,” she says.

“Be natural. Be yourself. Be happy with what you have.”

Karla states growing up she always had a vision for her life. Even though there were people in Karla’s life that told her that a “man would not want you like that.”  Karla did not let other people’s negativity concerning her disability bring her down. 

Karla and her sons

Karla met her husband while attending college. They have been together for fourteen years. The couple has two boys together who are now 10 and 12 years old. When asked “How does your disability affect your relationship with your children?” Karla says her disability does not really change anything. As a family, some of their favorite hobbies are going to the movies, going out to eat, and playing board games. Karla’s sons like to ride their bikes while Karla pushes alongside them in her wheelchair. 

Karla’s positivity was radiating throughout our conversation. We appreciate her for letting us interview her! 

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