It Takes a Village: Community Support Makes Recovery Smoother

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Curated by
Kieran Kern

When a traumatic injury occurs, support from friends, family, and the community at large can make the difference between a heart-rending story and a story of recovery. Audrey’s son sustained an SCI in 2009 at the age of 15. In this life-altering situation, people wanted to help, but their aid wasn’t always directed in the most productive way.

“People were desperate to help on one hand, and to give. We were overwhelmed with baskets of food or sandwiches.”

One of her friends who had lost her father to Pancreatic Cancer, set up a website where people could receive updates and also give offers of assistance. Another friend set up a foundation to channel those who wanted to donate funds.

These two actions helped quell the family’s sense of overwhelm in a time that was already overwhelming. The website and foundation acted in conjunction to direct donors and volunteers towards functional and meaningful things that needed to be accomplished while also streamlining that task for Audrey so she could focus on taking care of her family.

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