Intimacy Advice Post Spinal Cord Injury

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Jorge is a paraplegic who was injured in 1978 at the age of 11. As he got older, Jorge naturally became interested in exploring his sexuality, but with a spinal cord injury, he wasn’t entirely confident in that area.

Then he met Diane, a nurse practitioner at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, who specializes in the topic of sexuality after a spinal cord injury.

“She taught me to see intimacy through a different angle, and I think that, well I know that’s what made a difference in my life."

Adjusting to a new body post injury can be a difficult transition. And sometimes it takes another person’s advice or perspective to help make that adjustment happen. Jorge said it was Diane who helped him to begin to see himself in a new light in terms of sexuality.

“She showed me how to feel sexy in my own body and, and once I got that, it was probably one of the biggest components, one of the biggest missing components of my life that I needed to feel, to get back to the sense of normality."

The path to healing and acceptance isn’t one traveled alone. What advice did you receive following your injury or illness that helped you see things differently? Share your experience with us, and you could be featured on AbleThrive.

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