The Importance Of Connecting With Others: Well Known Conservative Commentator Writes Email To Fellow Person With SCI

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Charles Krauthammer, a quadriplegic, who was known as a conservative commentator and writer passed away on June 18, 2018. Nash Jenkins, a writer for TIMES magazine, shares an email that Charles wrote to his father who also sustained a spinal cord injury.

Picture of Charles, Nash, Nash's father, and Robert Reid

The email portrays how one can find comfort in connecting with others going through similar situations.

Charles begins his email by writing, “I heard about your accident. I'm so sorry. I enjoyed meeting you last year and am deeply sympathetic to your new and most harrowing situation. As you know, I've been there.”

“I know full well how difficult things are at the beginning and often how hopeless they seem. I also do know what's possible. And it turns out to be quite a lot.”

Charles goes on to tell Nash’s father about the things he has accomplished in his life post-injury. “But a good and productive and deeply enjoyable life is possible. What it required in my case was the simple determination to keep going in the direction I was headed. I found that I could do psychiatry and then a journalism career at a totally even par with my colleagues,” he writes.

Charles tells Nash’s father to lean on his support system in his time of need. He says, “On the other hand, you have so many years of experience and much respect and admiration from friends, colleagues, and family accumulated over a lifetime. They will serve you well and help you through what will, at first, be significant challenges.”

Charles tells his new friend that he knows what it feels like to put in so much effort at the beginning for such meager results. But he assures him that the hard work is worth it and a good life is possible.

“I don't mean to sugarcoat things. Life is more difficult with a spinal cord injury. But the obstacles are not insurmountable.”

Charles tells Nash’s father that he is writing to him to give a different perspective on life from someone in a similar situation.

Charles writes, “I know this is all scant consolation, and it is not really meant was [sic] that. It is simply meant to give you a different perspective on your future. Mine is from the rearview mirror. I know what actually can be. I also know that for you, so soon after your accident, it is prospective -- you are looking into a future that is necessarily unclear to you. I wish only to assure you from my own experience of 45 years post-accident that it can be a very good life indeed."

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