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A Healthy And Safe Dating Life For All

Content via Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation
Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

Every individual is entitled to have a healthy relationship, and this basic right is no exception for people with disabilities.

According to data from the Department of Justice, youths and adults with disabilities face greater risks of experiencing physically or sexually abusive relationships, with “women and girls with any type of disability, as well as people with a cognitive disability, facing the highest rates of violence.” 

Conversations about and resources for people with disabilities in violent relationships need to continue growing and expanding, ensuring that such support programs are accessible for all. Initiatives and projects such as the Access Initiative External Web Site Policy and the Safety and Sexual Violence Prevention Project ensure that violence survivors of all abilities are able to access shelters and develop their communication and leadership skills to advocate the prevention of dating violence.

It is necessary for people with disabilities to be included in the conversations of abusive relationships to promote a healthy and safe environment for all individuals. Including all voices is an essential step in creating a world free of violence and abuse.

“All of us—domestic and sexual violence advocates, survivors with and without disabilities, families and caregivers, and allies—must insist on a response to violence and abuse that recognizes the right of all survivors to services and resources for prevention and response.”

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