Groom Paralyzed at Bachelor's Party: Journey to Recovery

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Brett Greenhill and Meg Alexander planned a joint bachelor-bachelorette party to celebrate their upcoming marriage to one another. The couple never expected that the night of the party Brett would be injured in a diving accident causing him to become a quadriplegic. The wedding was postponed as the couple focused on Brett’s recovery.

“It’s a hard journey. It’s not exactly how I would like it to be, but it’s where it is.”

Meg and Brett on wedding day

The wedding was postponed as the couple went to NextStep Paralysis Recovery Center in Atlanta, Georgia to focus on Brett regaining strength. Brett’s progress seemed to be slow, but the soon to be husband and wife leaned on each other for support. Brett says that he has seen growth in his abilities since entering rehab. His wrist movement and triceps are getting stronger.

“Whenever I feel like I’m having a bad day, I lean on (Brett) and visa versa because mindset is everything in something like this.”

A year after the accident, Brett and Meg exchanged vows in front of their closest family and friends. They both proclaimed it was the best day of their lives. The couple took a cross country train ride and a cruise to Alaska for their honeymoon.

The husband and wife are taking life as it comes. They have plans for the future that include having kids and building a new house.

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