Finding Love After Spinal Cord Injury

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“The dating world is already complicated, but try it after enduring a Spinal Cord Injury,” says Wes Hamilton, a T11/T12 paraplegic. He says getting back into the dating game after acquiring a disability can be difficult because an individual not only has to accept changes within themselves but also find someone willing to do the same. Wes shares his perspective on dating, relationships, and sex as a person with a disability.

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Dating Sites

Online dating has become very popular in today’s society. Wes states some people with spinal cord injuries prefer dating online. A common issue a person with a spinal cord injury might face when dating online is whether or not to post a picture of their wheelchair or wait till a connection is made. However, as Wes says, “Then if you wait and start a conversation with someone and let them know you have to expect they may not reply.”

Sex and Relationships

Sex is not all that makes a relationship. But Wes is realistic when he says, “Sex isn’t what makes the relationship but let’s be real, it is everywhere. Social media, music, television, movies, and even books have become more intimate and sexualized.” He points out that relationships with people who have spinal cord injuries are more about a genuine connection rather than just sex.

“When in a relationship with someone with a SCI, you focus more on LOVE than SEX which gives the relationship a strong intimate connection. Finding love or true happiness in that one who completely understands the challenges. That one person willing to do things that are not based on tradition alone. Having a spinal cord injury gives you the opportunity of knowing what a genuine heart feels like.”

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