Family Relationships Post Injury

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Spinal cord injuries are a traumatic event that may have an effect on an entire family as a whole, not just the family member who was injured.

Facing Disability interviewed individuals living with spinal cord injuries of various levels. These individuals were asked one question - How have your family relationships changed post injury? The following responses are from an individual living with a spinal cord injury and a family member whose loved one has a spinal cord injury:

Jeffrey became a paraplegic in 2013 at the age of 23. He says his relationship with his wife and kids after his injury has become unbreakable.

“(My) close family, my wife, my kids are bond has become unbreakable, you know, tighter than ever I believe.”

Freda is a mother of three children. Her daughter became a quadriplegic in 2011 at the age of 17. She discusses how her daughter’s injury affected the family.

Freda states her children were very close, like best friends. However, when the accident happened, Freda says it took her youngest son about a year to come to terms with it.

“I think maybe he was afraid, maybe (the situation) was fragile.”

Freda continues to say she would not change what happened because there have been so many positive things. She says her relationship with her daughter has grown into the most intimate relationship you can have with a person.

How have your relationships changed since becoming injured? Share your story with us at!

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