Exam Gloves: A Necessity for Caregivers

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Written by
Kristen Sachs
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Written by
Kristen Sachs

Wearing exam gloves is an important part of caregiving. Gloves protect both the patient and the caregiver from passing on germs and infections to one another.

a caregiver wears gloves to work on a patient's trach

"I use exam gloves every day when caring for my husband," says Kristen. She is her husband Jeff's full time caregiver, and she says she goes through multiple pairs of gloves per day.

"My husband's insurance only pays for one box of exam gloves per month. Because so many of my daily caregiving tasks require the use of gloves, one box doesn't last nearly long enough. So we buy gloves online and pay out of pocket."

Kristen says she always uses gloves for the following caregiving tasks:

  • trach changes
  • inner cannula changes
  • catheter changes and flushes
  • bowel/colostomy care
  • wound care
  • emptying and changing urine bag
  • bathing

"Sometimes I layer the gloves so that if they get soiled halfway through a task, I can easily take one pair off and still have a fresh pair underneath. The Nitrile gloves I order online are thin enough for layering but durable enough that they don't tear. And I've found that buying in bulk is the best deal."

Kristen buys a case of 1000 gloves (10 boxes of 100). "It may seem like a lot, but I know I will use them," she shares. "I keep a couple boxes in the bathroom and a couple in the bedroom. The rest I keep stored with our additional medical supplies."

a box of nitrile exam gloves

Kristen also shares this important reminder: It's essential to remember to wash your hands after you remove the gloves, especially if you've come in contact with bodily fluids. Better safe than sorry!"

If you think you could benefit from using gloves, you can order them from the following link (where you can pick your size and quantity):


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