Dating Someone Who Uses A Wheelchair - A Positive Spin

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“I have always known James in a wheelchair; I fell in love with him sitting down, I don’t know him any other way,” says Chelsea. Her significant other, James, has a spinal cord injury. Chelsea admits that there are times that she envisions James as an able-bodied person, but then he would not be the man she fell in love with.

James on beach

“The harsh truth is James would not be James if he wasn’t in a wheelchair.”

Chelsea states that positivity is all you have. Therefore, when she says that James’ spinal cord injury is a positive aspect in their lives it is because for the couple it is the only way to look at it.

Chelsea and James at farmer's market

“Wheeling instead of walking has given James many experiences, good and bad, but it has shaped him into the guy I love today,” says Chelsea.

James lives his life by thinking nothing is impossible and no idea is too big. Chelsea says James is up for any adventure out there. She writes, “When I say let’s throw a party, he says let’s throw a concert when I say Mexico sounds nice he says “well, let’s go to Africa!” Okay, the dude drives me a little bonkers! Haha!”

Chelsea credits her relationship with James for teaching her what respect really means and how vital it is in a relationship. “When we do things together we do them as a team, I will grab something from the top shelf while he grabs something from the bottom. Life has become an adventure and anyone in a relationship with someone in a chair will tell you the same thing…. It IS NOT a boring partnership,” she says.

Chelsea concludes her post by writing, “There are times when you just can’t change your situation but you can change your attitude and embrace what this community has to offer.” She highly recommends for people who are in relationships with people with spinal cord injuries to check out support groups and connect with people in similar situations!

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