Cleaning Robots are Helpful Tools for This Caregiver

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Written by
Kristen Sachs
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Written by
Kristen Sachs

Kristen is a caregiver to her husband Jeff, a vent-dependent quadriplegic with no movement below his shoulders. Much of her day is spent assisting and providing medical care for him. Kristen and Jeff are also parents to their young daughter. With so much time spent on caregiving, parenting, and keeping a household running smoothly, Kristen says that oftentimes the household chores get pushed to the back burner. 

"Keeping up with the household chores is the one area where I continually feel I fall short. There isn't enough time in the day - or leftover energy - to get to everything, especially cleaning the floors which can be time consuming."

Roomba and Braava robot cleaning devices

But since Jeff is on a ventilator, keeping their home clean is important for this family. That's where products like the Roomba and Braava from iRobot can help. 

"I recently started using the Roomba to vacuum and the Braava to mop the floors, and they have been huge time savers for me!"

The Roomba and Braava are robots that can help make cleaning a little easier. With a bit of setup and the click of a button, let these robots do the cleaning for you while you do something else. Here's information on both products from the manufacturer:

About Roomba

Roomba cleaning robot
  • Clean and schedule from anywhere with the iRobot HOME App; compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant
  • Patented 3-Stage Cleaning System and Dual Multi-Surface Brushes pick up everything from small particles to large debris
  • Dirt Detect sensors alert Roomba to work harder on concentrated areas of dirt, such as high-traffic zones of your home

About Braava

Braava cleaning robot
  • Mops and sweeps hard floors including hardwood, tile, and stone in kitchens, bathrooms, and other small spaces
  • Gets into hard-to-reach places, including under and around toilets, into corners, and below cabinets
  • Precision Jet Spray and Vibrating Cleaning Head tackle dirt and stains such as dried coffee and soda


Kristen now incorporates the Roomba and the Braava into her weekly routine.

"I use the cleaning robots at least a few times a week. I'll set them to clean one area at a time. For example, I will set up the Roomba to vacuum the kitchen and dining area while I'm getting my husband out of bed. Other times I'll set the Braava to mop the bathroom floor while I'm making dinner."


Here's a few tips Kristen has to help others who might be considering these robots:

  • The first time you run one of the robots in a new area, you might want to stay close by and see if it gets hung up anywhere. There's a space in our bedroom under my husband's bed where the area rug and the tile meet near the wall, and that's an area the Roomba has had trouble getting out of. So now I just block it off with a pillow.
  • Be sure to move away any cords so the robots don't run them over or get tangled up in them. Roomba has a brush that sweeps out from underneath the device to help attract dirt into the roller, so it's important to keep cords away from the reach of the brush.
  • The Braava has a built in virtual wall that can be activated, so you can set it in a place like the kitchen, and it won't clean beyond the opening. However, our kitchen has two entrances, so I just lay a dining room chair on its side to block off the second entrance. Sometimes you have to be creative!

"As a caregiver, getting two things done at once doesn't usually happen. But the cleaning robots have changed that. They have helped increase productivity, and that's huge."

If you think one of these products is right for you, click an image below: 


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