Changing The Stigma Of Disability And Dating

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George was 17 years old when he was paralyzed from the chest down in a motor vehicle accident. Now, five years later, George has decided it’s time to ‘get back out there,’ so to speak. 

Entering the dating world

George was featured on the reality show The Undateables in the UK  that centers around adults with disabilities or learning difficulties who go on dates while a film crew follows them around.

Immediately following George’s appearance on the television show, a twitterstorm erupted with overwhelmingly positive reviews of George. Tweets like “What an absolutely gorgeous guy inside and out,” and “Where do I sign up for a date with George?” flooded the social media outlet.

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George was later interviewed about his experience on The Undateables, and chose to remain tight lipped about his current relationship status. Still, it is clear that George did not expect to receive the amount of attention he’s gotten since his appearance.  “I was really surprised by all the tweets and messages. The amount of attention it has got is so unexpected – so many people are interested.”

George is hopeful that his appearance on the show will help to change the general public’s views on dating people with disabilities.

“When you’re going down the street I think a lot of people see the disability first and they’re not necessarily seeing me as someone who’s dating material. I hope doing the programme has changed that for me and many other disabled people.”

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