Caregiving - Meeting Fear With Courage

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Whitney Bailey
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The Caregiver's Living Room
Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Donna Thomson is a long time caregiver who writes about her experiences on her blog The Caregiver’s Living Room. In a recent post, Donna tells about a conversation she had with a friend about meeting fear with courage in caregiving.

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“The fear that we might forget something very important, the fear that dismissing a symptom now could provoke a crisis later, the fear that we are not good enough in the face of love and serious illness.”

Donna’s friend is a doctor who cares for medically complex children. From his experience, he says, "I have realized that much of the time, my discomfort and dis-ease comes from fear. Fear of concrete things and experiences in front of me and fear of imagined outcomes to imagined circumstances.” He continues by stating he moves along with a deeper sense of being grounded. He gets a new feeling of courage, not that the feeling of fear goes away, but the two feelings coincide and work together.

"I plant my feet, breathe deeply and prepare with focus and intention to muster courage."

“Overcoming fear is an essential component of staying, of abiding with the suffering of our loved ones,” writes Donna. She states the courage of the caregiver is a topic that is often not discussed. That is something that needs to change because caregivers play a vital role in the world.

“(Caregivers) try our best to be strong and truthful with our loved ones. We act to provide comfort. And that takes courage in the face of fear.”

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