Caregiving Is A Family Affair

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Whitney Bailey

Lindsay Cochran is a thirteen-year-old living with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). Lindsay needs assistance throughout the day, and the Cochran family proves that caring for a loved one is a family affair.

Lindsay's Mom Tracy helping her put her shoes on.

“Sometimes it really stinks having someone constantly help me and not be able to do anything by myself, but it’s also nice that I have people willing to help me do my daily tasks.”

Tracy and Walt (Lindsay’s parents) help her with her morning and night routines. “I help Lindsay with picking up her room. I take time off of work to care for Lindsay when she is ill, and I’m also always willing to watch a movie with Lindsay. She and I have the same movie taste so we’re movie buddies,” says Walt. Tracy admits sometimes her daughter's limitations and high need for care can be discouraging, but it has also strengthened their relationship.

“Sometimes the limitations and high need for care are discouraging for both Lindsay and myself. However, I was recently reminded that all of these consistent personal interactions have given us more opportunities to talk. We have a closer relationship than many teenage girls may have with their mom. So in that aspect, we count the added needs as a blessing.”

Trenton standing over Lindsay, while they look at each other. Lindsay is smiling.

Trenton, Lindsay’s older brother, provides care for his sister by picking things up for her when she drops them, turning her over in bed, and getting her medical equipment when she needs it. Trenton helps the whole family out by doing the laundry and cleaning the kitchen. Trenton refers to Lindsay as his best friend and says he would do anything for her!

While Lindsay appreciates everything her family does for her, there are some things she wishes she could do on her own. Like opening her locker at school, dress herself, and fix her hair just right. Lindsay states, “These things may not seem like much, but they matter a lot. If I was able to do these things by myself, it would be huge!”

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