Caregiving in Europe: Costs, Concerns, and Choices

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Caregiving can have a financial and emotional impact on both individuals and families. When the time comes for you to become a caregiver, or for a loved one to be cared for, the choices can be overwhelming. With the demand for caregivers on the rise, UKS Mobility has compiled a wealth of caregiving facts centered around the European caregiving community, and created an infographic to help those who are providing care to others. 

Did you know that there are around 6 million people in Britain helping and supporting their family, partners or friends who are ill or disabled? The help is most often unpaid as well, which just shows that the awareness around caregiving needs increasing, as carers are often unappreciated and people in their life might not realise just how much of a commitment it is to take on a caregiving role.

Maybe you’ve just started to care for someone, thinking about starting to care for someone, need more information in general, interested in professional caregiving as you can no longer carry out the lifestyle yourself, or maybe you’re someone in need of a personal carer, then the below infographic by UKS Mobility outlines all these aspects.

The infographic below outlines what exactly caregiving involves, emotional and financial costs to expect, concerns and myths around caregiving, a guide to finding the right caregiver, as well as a map which highlights the most expensive countries in Europe providing assisted care. There’s also a section at the end which goes through the available options, so you can look into the best option!

It’s time to recognise carers as the unsung heroes in our society!


infographic on caregiving costs, concerns, and choices in Europe



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