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Written by
Whitney Bailey

The Browns are a family of seven who share a glimpse into their life on their YouTube channel, House of Browns. The Browns share videos about their busy lives from playing sports to participating in beauty pageants. However, the videos also show a dynamic of what it is like to have a family member who has a disability. 

Lincoln, one of the youngest members of the family, was born three months premature. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus as a result of a brain bleed. Megan, Lincoln's mother, states her son’s prognosis from the doctors was very grim from pregnancy to birth. “The prognosis for Lincoln was very grim from almost the beginning of my pregnancy and after birth. In fact, the head neonatologist and the head radiologist went back and forth about the severity of his brain bleed. We were told he could be a vegetable, but of course, that was impossible to know without having a crystal ball. Only time would tell,” she says.

“(The diagnosis) was all extremely hard to take in and learn to understand. It came down to faith. We decided to be optimistic and love this little baby, no matter the circumstances. That doesn’t mean there weren’t times we were broken down to our very weakest, because that most definitely happened on many occasions. We learned to pick ourselves up and move forward.”

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Megan gives the following advice to any parent whose child has been diagnosed with a disability. “For anyone looking for advice, it can be a lot to take in when you first learn of their diagnosis. The more you know, the more you can help your little one. As for their future, they will show you. Have faith and belief that as long as you do whatever you can to help them and teach them to reach beyond the stars, all will be well! Take their hand and let them lead the way,” she says.

Megan continues by saying, “It’s so important to have a sense of community. This way you can have others that truly understand what you’re going through. It also helps you not feel so alone. I’ve learned so much from others who are experiencing similar things. I’ve learned to never be afraid to speak up and learn.”

“We don’t know what Lincoln’s future entails, but there’s nothing too big or too small for us to do to help him achieve want HE wants to achieve.”

The Browns lead a very active lifestyle and that is no exception for Lincoln. Watch one of the episodes above of House of Brown where Lincoln shares about his family and a day in his life.

In regards to Lincoln’s future, Megan states, “We don’t know what Lincoln’s future entails, but there’s nothing too big or too small for us to do to help him achieve what HE wants to achieve. I can guarantee you we’ll be his biggest cheerleaders, support, advocates and so much more. We’ll be there to pick him up when he falls down, listen when he needs a friend, and push him when he wants to give up, or simply let go when too much is too much. Is the sky the limit or is there so much more?”

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