5 Tips For Online Dating As A Person With A Disability

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As a new year begins, some may be ready to open their heart to new possibilities. Online dating is the newest trend and it can be quite intimidating. Disability Match from the United Kingdom shares their top five tips for online dating for people with disabilities.

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Positive Mindset

The first tip the website gives to individuals is to make sure they are in the right mindset to start dating.

“You need to be positive about starting to date, whether it’s online or offline. Having a negative or pessimistic attitude will only serve to make you come across as being downbeat – not something people look for in a partner!”

It is suggested to take some time to yourself to assess your own strengths and what you can bring to a relationship. Disability Match recommends asking family and friends what they feel are your strengths are. Their feedback will help you gain confidence in creating your dating profile.

Relax, Take Dating In Stride

“First and foremost, take the pressure off yourself and your date by looking at dating as a way of finding new friends and hopefully meeting someone you really ‘click’ with on different levels,” says Disability Match.

Looking for dates on a disability niche website is an option. Therefore, you will not feel the need to be evasive about your disability or any medical conditions you may have. Remember to be open-minded.

Stand Out

Be unforgettable when creating your username for the dating profile. Disability Match writes, “Try and go for something offbeat or different, such as ‘wheelchair wombat’ or ‘the spectrum kid’. Give other members something to smile at.”

Creating Your Dating Profile

Disability Match advises taking time to make your dating profile just right. If you are having trouble writing they suggest talking to family and friends about your redeeming qualities.

“You should use this as an opportunity to highlight your good qualities and explain why you might make someone’s life feel happier. Don’t be modest. Include your most endearing qualities.”

Add humor to your profile. Disability Match writes, “Avoid saying textbook phrases, such as “good sense of humour” – everyone says that. It would be better to say: “I will make you laugh with my imitations of Jermy Corbyn/Boris Johnson.” It’s good to be specific and you should always give ‘context’ to your qualities.”

Be Realistic About Distance

Being realistic about geographic possibilities is the last piece of dating advice Disability Match gives. “There’s no point falling in love with a profile listing that belongs to someone you will never be able to actually meet up with,” says the website.

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