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3 Tips for Visiting a Friend or Loved One in the Hospital

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Kristen Sachs
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Magee Rehabilitation Hospital
Curated by
Kristen Sachs

If you find yourself getting ready to visit a friend or loved one in the hospital, here’s three tips to make your visit a successful one!

  1. Plan Ahead. It’s always a good idea to call, text, or email in order to schedule a good time to visit the patient. This is especially true if your loved one is in a rehab hospital where patients are typically involved in therapy for up to several hours per day. Arriving unexpectedly can often result in a shortened visit or a condensed therapy session for your loved one, so it’a always a good idea to communicate and plan ahead.
  2. Be Helpful. When you arrange your visit, you may want to ask a couple questions so you can arrive prepared. Consider these: “Can I come during a meal, and would you like me to bring you something to eat?” or “Can I bring you a magazine or a book to read?” Arriving with useful items, whether it’s food a patient is craving or an activity to help alleviate boredom, is a sure way to make your loved one smile.
  3. Keep it Brief. Everyone’s schedule (and tolerance for visitors) is different, so be mindful of the time you spend with your loved one. Also, keep in mind that hospital schedules are often different from typical home schedules. For example, if a hospital meal arrives during your visit, you may want to wrap up your stay so your loved one can enjoy his or her meal while it’s still warm!

Brighten your friend or loved one’s day by keeping these tips in mind during a hospital visit. 

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