Why Kids With Spinal Cord Injury Should Play Sports

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Brittany Déjean

For children with a spinal cord injury, it’s important to have access to sports.

“It allows them to get back and doing the types of activities that many of them were doing before they got hurt,” explains Sarah Klaas, director of Spinal Cord Injury Service at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Chicago. “Sports programs also allows kids to be with their peers, and to be connected with other children who have special health care needs.” This is crucially important because kids will be able to connect with other kids in similar situations, compare stories and bond over challenges that their able-bodied peers don’t face. Shriner’s Hospital has found that the children involved in wheelchair sports “take better care of their bodies and understand the importance of that”. Participation in wheelchair sports also correlates with a decrease in secondary medical complications that often come with spinal cord injury- extra bonus! Whether a child acquires or is born with a disability, sports is a phenomenal avenue to connect with peers, build confidence and live a healthy, active lifestyle.

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