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Wheelchair Game Ideas for Parents In Wheelchairs

Curated by
Brittany Déjean
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Curated by
Brittany Déjean

Sitting in a wheelchair doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on playing with your young kids. Yes, they have tons of energy and yes, it can be a challenge, but Valerie Deneen has ideas for wheelchair games with kids that inspire a child’s creativity and imagination. Plus, it’ll help you tire them out for their nap.

“Finding activities to do with your preschooler may seem limiting at first, but with a little creativity, you can help channel some of your child’s boundless energy into structured playtime—all while sitting down.” So, what scenarios are best for when you are seated? 

Top game ideas for parents in wheelchairs

  1. A passenger or co-pilot on an airplane
  2. A student in a classroom (with your child as the teacher)
  3. A librarian (complete with craft ideas)
  4. An office employee (your child might love to be your boss)
  5. A customer at a restaurant
  6. Cashier at a store (don’t forget to sneak in some math practice)
  7. A guest at a tea party (what a classic)

Playing with your child goes beyond bonding, it’s also great ways for your child to develop skills and self-esteem.

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