Tips For Successful Parenting With A Disability

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 Getting ready for a new baby can be challenging for any parent, even more so when one or both lives with a disability.  There are various ways to lessen the stress so that parents can enjoy their new bundle of joy.  Patrick Young lives with a disability. He gives some advice on parenting with a disability.  He states new parents have to consider what they need to make the transition easiest for them, and ensure that they live life as independently as they can with a baby. 

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"Making everything a little more accessible will help immensely on this journey."

Planning Ahead

Patrick states parents who are expecting should think about what could make their lives less complicated once their baby arrives.  "When you have the right tools, parenting is made much easier," he advises. He suggests that planning ahead financially for the little one is the best way to ensure that they have a good future.  Things such as creating a will, getting an insurance policy and a burial insurance plan will help to ease parents' minds.  

According to Patrick, maximizing time management skills and getting enough rest is paramount to successful parenting. Ultimately, knowing that things will change, and being well prepared will enable a smooth transition once the baby arrives.

Search For Items To Make Life Easier

Physical items can aid, too, in the parenting process. Patrick recommends the following items: an accessible infant seat, a seat/stroller combo, rails on cribs that can be lowered for easier access and a co-sleeper cot that attaches to the side of the bed.

Safe Environment

Creating a safe home environment is not only important for a new baby, but for parents as well.  Patrick recommends that they should look at the home and consider all safety concerns.  Rubber backed mats in the bathroom, grab bars in the bathtub and lack of rugs on hardwood floors can help prevent accidents.  He encourages parents to do research on grants for home modifications and find a plan that is right for them.

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