Tips For Parents Of Children With Erb's Palsy

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Ellie Smith, born with Brachial Plexus Paralysis (Erbs Palsy), shares some advice for parents of children who have similar disabilities. Some of Ellie’s tips include:

Try Not To Feel Guilty

Ellie’s first tip is for parents to not feel guilty about something that was not in their control, especially in relation to Erb’s palsy. She states, “Try not to feel guilty, I know that it is hard, but it really isn’t your fault. What happened was a mistake from a medical professional who you put your trust in and who misused that trust.”

“Your child will NEVER EVER blame you for what happened, in fact, they’ll love you even more because of it.”

Communicate With Others

Ellie suggests creating a support system with others who are affected by the disability. “Ensure that you communicate with others who are affected by the condition, they can give you the best advice and are always happy to help!”

Make Notes Before Appointments

Ellie advises parents to make notes about any concerns and/or questions they may have before going to medical appointments. This way the concerns/questions will be addressed and not forgotten. She points out to not feel bad if you do not understand doctor ‘gibberish’, if you are unsure about something, ask the doctor to explain. Do not go home and search the internet because that could do more bad than good.

Ellie says, “Do not be against surgery, in many cases it is extremely beneficial and vital in fact. But it is not needed for everyone though!”


Ellie recommends not hiding your emotions from your children and family because it is nice to have a support system. “Tell your family and friends, they may not understand it all but telling them how you feel will maybe encourage them to help out more. Be a shoulder to cry on and get them to respect the situation more,” she says.

Focus On The Positives

Ellie says, “Focus on the positives, it’s hard, but it can be done!” She continues by saying to make sure to address the negatives as well because it is not good to leave them bottled up.

Encourage Independence

One of Ellie’s tips for parents of children with disabilities is to encourage your child to be independent. But, allow the child to adapt to situations in their own way.

Check out the video below for all of Ellie’s 40 tips!

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