Teaching Your Kids New Skills

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Brittany Déjean

Tom hasn’t stepped down from his father responsibilities since he’s been paralyzed and he has great tips if you’re interested in teaching your kids how to master different skills. He taught his son to fix his car and change the oil. “It takes a lot of patience not being able to put your hands on the work, but he did learn some stuff like that from me,” Tom shares. He’s also responsible for teaching his 16-year-old daughter how to drive and helping his 14-year-old daughter with softball. “It’d help if I could be able to kick her legs out or show her how to stand,” but Tom doesn’t let that stop him and finds his own way to do it. “They’re all doing good as far as without me being able-bodied.”


What are your tips for teaching your son or daughter new skills? What have you taught your kids? Share your story and you may be featured.

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