Story Of A Quadriplegic Single Mom

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“We roll with the punches everyday,” Nikki, quadriplegic single mom, shares about her and her two young kids taking on the world together.

Deciding to be a mother

Following in the footsteps of her grandmother and mother, Nikki knew she always wanted to be a mother. She was paralyzed at age 16, which didn’t change her stance on wanting to be a mom one day. Both of her pregnancies were conceived and delivered naturally. She wore a special belt close to deliver that monitored her contractions so she knew when she needed to go to the hospital. When taking care of her babies, she learned to make the most use of different equipment and her mobility. She does note that using her teeth was helpful. “Changing diapers with your teeth, that’s interesting,” she shares with a chuckle. It’s good to make use of what’s at your disposal!

“If being a parent is what you want to do, know that it’ll be ok. Believe in yourself and your abilities and you’ll be fine.”

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