Quadriplegic Mom to Quadriplegic Grandma

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Transitioning to a life impacted by someone with paralysis takes time. “In many ways it was very good for them,” Ginger shares about the impact of her spinal cord injury on her daughters, but it had it’s challenging moments, especially for her youngest. “She had to step up to the plate and couldn’t always be a child.”

But what about for little ones who never have to endure any kind of transition and who don’t know the person any other way?

“Perhaps the best thing that my disability has done…is how it’s impacted my grandparenting.”

Each of her grandkids have learned to stand and to walk by first pulling themselves up the side of her wheelchair before taking their first steps. “To them, wheelchairs and disability are a fact of life. They’re perfectly normal.” Being a quadriplegic grandma doesn’t keep Ginger from being involved with her grandchildren.

What are your most special moments being a quadriplegic grandma or grandpa? Share your story and you might be featured!

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