Quadriplegic Mom Changes Baby's Diaper

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Meg Johnson, a mother who is a quadriplegic, demonstrates how she changes her five-month-old daughter’s diaper when she does not have access to a changing table. Meg changes the diaper with her daughter lying across her lap.

Meg admits the bigger her daughter gets the harder it is to accomplish changing her diaper while laying on Meg’s lap. She starts out by joking, “Hopefully this turns out okay, I’m sure it will!”

Meg has the ability to grip one side of the onesie with her fingers which makes it easier for unsnapping it. She then pushes the onesie up with her hands while carefully maneuvering her baby in her lap.

Meg then grips the velcro of the diaper with one hand while holding her baby in place with the other. She then pulls the velcro up undoing the diaper and carefully pulls the diaper out from underneath her daughter. Meg says she is thankful to have some grip function so she does not have to change her babies diapers using her teeth.

However, Meg does hold the new fresh diaper in her teeth as she uses her hands to unfold it. She then sits the diaper aside as she grabs wipes and cleans her daughter. To get the diaper underneath her daughter, Meg grips her daughter’s foot, gently pulling up and in a quick motion, she slides the diaper underneath her daughter with her other hand.

Meg then holds the diaper in place with one hand while she grips the velcro strap with the other bringing both sides together to close. She repeats the process with the other side of the diaper. Meg brings the onesie down and attempts to snap it together between her daughter’s legs. She successfully gets two out of three snaps done. Meg jokes and states, “sometimes two is good enough!”

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