Quadriplegic Dad Establishes New Normal

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Brendon already was a father to two young girls when he sustained a spinal cord injury in the ocean. This feature on Brendon goes back to the day of his spinal cord injury in 2006, sharing the story of the accident at the beach with his wife, going through the transition home, and the little victories he had along the way in establishing a new normal with his family as a quadriplegic dad.

“Hearing them say ‘I love you daddy’ and hearing the things that he teaches the and the things that they do together, those are sounds that still fill my house. They filled my house before, they fill my house now, and it doesn’t matter that he’s in a chair. They still got their dad."

He also got back to work at Best Buy, who were incredibly supportive to him during his recovery and in returning to work. His coworkers rave about him and Brendon shares the lessons he’s learned reestablishing his professional life. 

“The wheelchair doesn’t define me. I think the wheelchair is the least interesting part about me, it’s just a fact of life.”

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