Practicing Self-Care As A Mother With A Disability

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Curated by
Whitney Bailey

“(Self-care) is something that I often forget to practice as a busy mom. Let’s be honest. Living the parenting journey has its ups and downs, and I love it. There are times, though, when I forget that I’m a person, too,” says Jennifer Senda, a mother living with a disability.

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Scrolling through social media Jennifer states all she comes across are articles and memes pertaining to the topic of self-care. Almost as if someone is trying to send her a personal message.

“I am a mom with a DISABILITY. Yes, I emphasized it. Why? My daily life involves adapting to a world that has trouble accepting me.”

Jennifer has chosen to embrace her disability. However, she admits that her one downfall is that she is an overachiever. She says, “As a mom, I have tried to push myself to almost impossible limits in order to keep up with unrealistic expectations which are all in my head. I admit it. I am an overachiever. That is my downfall.”

Jennifer says growing up with a disability seemed to alter her perspective. She states, “I wanted to prove that my disability was not a hindrance, but an asset. I kind of got obsessed.”  Realizing that perfection is not necessarily something to strive for and she has nothing to prove has been key points that have been difficult for Jennifer to accept.

“I have to remind myself that love does not see imperfections. Love sees the best in us. When I push myself too hard to live up to fantastical expectations, I am not being the best me. I am a diluted version of myself. If I take the time to stop, breathe, and remember that there’s beauty in my humanness, then I am stronger.”

Jennifer reminds herself that her son loves her no matter what. “It does not matter whether I can keep an immaculate house, or whether or not we have cereal for dinner. To him, I am the best mommy,” she says.

Jennifer concludes her post with these words - “For the sake of our families, we must practice self-care. We must remember our humanness. We must love ourselves.”

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