Perspective On Spinal Cord Injury And Raising A Newborn

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Sam and Shawn are one of the two couples who write about the happenings of their life on the blog Wheel Love.  

Sam recently gave birth to a baby boy named Oliver. In a blog post, she writes about some of the struggles she has faced raising a newborn. One topic she talks about is her husband, Shawn’s ability to parent as a quadriplegic.

Picture of Sam, Shawn, and Oliver

“This parenting thing is hard. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but it is freaking hard.”

Sam admits there are times where she feels as if she is parenting alone. When Oliver was born  Shawn took on various household duties and does as much as physically possible. However, Sam writes, “Physically speaking, there isn’t a whole lot that someone without any core muscles can do to help out with a newborn.” She gives the example of doing all of the nightly duties that involve a newborn by herself.

“And I know that Shawn wants to be able to help me with these things; he would get up with me in the middle of the night when Oliver was crying, but really, what’s the point in both of us being exhausted the next day?”

Picture of Shawn with Oliver laying on his chest

Over time Sam states their family has created a routine. She stopped breastfeeding which means Shawn can help with feeding Oliver. Sam writes, “Not only did it give us some extra time, but it allowed Shawn to be able to feed Oliver as well which took a whole lot of pressure off of me and made Shawn feel much more involved.”

Sam says that as Oliver has grown Shawn is able to do more things with him and establish that father-son bond!

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