Parenting As A Ventilator-Dependent Quadriplegic

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Jim was paralyzed before his daughter was born, so how does he feel about parenting as a vent-dependent quad? “She doesn’t know me any other way,” he shared about his role as a father. His daughter used to say his wheelchair was invisible, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a challenge for him to not do some of the other activities he hoped to teach her, like skiing, jet skiing and boating. “She’s missed out on so many different things, but those are things I can’t change…so I have to let that go.”

Now a 14-year-old, his daughter sounds like any other active teenager. “With her being 14 right now, I get to see her 5 minutes a day,” he shared. However, Jim has noticed other changes in his daughter, “she’s matured probably a lot faster than your average 14 year old.”

Hear his perspective:

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