Paraplegic Mom Demonstrates How She Gets Toddler Son Out Of Car

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Written by
Whitney Bailey
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AbleThrive Original
Written by
Whitney Bailey

AbleThrive features #ThisIsHowI videos of people who have disabilities demonstrating how they accomplish certain tasks in their own unique way.

Watch as Lisa, a paraplegic, demonstrates how she gets her toddler son out of his car seat and out of the car.

First, Lisa transfers herself into the car by using her arms. Sitting in the seat beside her son, she unbuckles her son from his car seat, and he is able to get out of the car seat on his own.

With her son out of his car seat, Lisa lifts herself out of the car back into her wheelchair. Lisa’s son waits in the car for his mom to transfer herself back into her wheelchair. He exits the car when Lisa is back in her chair.

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