Paraplegic Man and Fiance Welcome Baby Boy

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Amanda and todd posing with sonogram in front of brick wall that says it still works

You might of seen Amanda Diesen and Todd Kreig’s pregnancy announcement last year as it went viral on the internet. Todd is a paraplegic who uses a wheelchair. The couple challenged the misconception of fertility and spinal cord injuries by posing with a sonogram picture with the words “It still works!” written in chalk on the wall behind them.

The couple has opened up about what their life looks like now that they are parents to 5 months old, Everett Jason (Rhett).

“Parenting with Todd is both fun and challenging. I’m thankful Todd is supportive and loves our son so much. We are both thankful he’s able to hold our son, feed him and occasionally change a dirty diaper!”

Amanda admits that parenting with someone who has a spinal cord has it’s obstacles, but it is rewarding.

“(Parenting) is tough though because Todd can’t help out physically as much as we would both like. A father in a wheelchair had told Todd before that he probably wouldn’t even be able to hold our child, so we’re glad that was quickly proven wrong on day one.”

amanda, todd, and baby rhett

Amanda states that although it would be nice for Todd to be able to tend to their crying baby at night, he provides a ton of emotional support and is an amazing father.

Todd and Amanda are busy planning their wedding on October 27, 2018. Baby Rhett will be the ring bearer!

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