A Mother's Unconditional Love

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A mother’s love knows no boundaries, and that is truly exemplified in the unconditional love and support Zou Hongyan has given her son.

Hongyan’s son, Ding Ding, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy following a birth complication. Doctors informed Hongyan that Ding Ding would potentially grow up disabled or with low intelligence, and suggested that she gave him up. Hongyan’s ex-husband, Ding Ding’s father, agreed with the doctors.

a mother nurtures her son who was born with cerebral palsy

But Hongyan’s love for her son prevailed, and she never gave him up. Instead, she worked hard to provide for her son, taking up both full-time and part-time positions simultaneously. And she never failed to regularly take Ding Ding to rehabilitation sessions.

Hongyan was undeniably a hands-on mother: she learned how to massage Ding Ding’s stiff shoulders, stimulate Ding Ding by playing intelligence-boosting games and puzzles with him, and taught him how to use chopsticks.

"I didn’t want him to feel ashamed about this physical problems. Because he had inferior abilities in many areas, I was quite strict on him to work hard to catch up where he had difficulties.”

Her hard work certainly paid off. Ding Ding has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Engineering and a master’s degree in Law. And to date, 29-year-old Ding Ding is currently undergoing further studies at Harvard University.

And with all his academic success, Ding Ding continues to feel gratitude towards his mother. The mother-and-son pair has a “close friendship” and Ding Ding describes Hongyan as his “spiritual mentor.”

a college graduate with cerebral palsy stands next to his mom

That is the true power of a mother’s love.

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