A Mother's Perspective On Spinal Cord Injury And Depression

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Kay Ledson gives advice for others who have loved ones who live with a spinal cord injury. Kay’s son Josh has a spinal cord injury. She says it is important to give a person living with a spinal cord injury love, respect, hope, and support while trying to encouraging them through the recovery process.

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Her son has dealt with depression through his injury, a topic Kay feels is not discussed enough. Kay wishes to bring attention to the topic of depression and the importance of mentorship for people with spinal cord injuries.

“What I know is that as loved ones we have to recognize the darkness of this injury and do everything possible to bring light and hope to our loved ones…to help them through it.”

Kay writes that her son Josh describes a spinal cord injury as “the loneliest injury” because “there is no one injury the same, every injury, every recovery, is different.” However, Josh’s perspective of having a spinal cord injury was shifted when he met his friend Bronte who also had a spinal cord injury.

Kay says, “Josh never had a mentor, someone that understood what he was going through, he was on his own for all those years, then after Bronte had his accident, for the first time in over 7 years Josh had a “soul mate,” someone that understood to a certain extent what each was going through, they were there for each other…” Sadly, Bronte tragically passed away. Josh went through a period of loss in his life. He lost four of his friends and his grandmother in a period of twelve months. Kay states that her son was on a path of self-destruction.

Josh found an outlet for his emotions by writing a book called Relentless. “For many years Josh resisted writing his book, but once he made the decision to do it, he knew he had to make it honest and true… In the end the only things that pulled Josh from the abyss was understanding, he had to live for those boys that had died, his grandmother had faith in him always keeping on recovering,” says Kay.

Kay and Josh’s journey is a testament to how impactful building relationships can truly be!

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