Mother's Perspective On Raising Son With Disability

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Whitney Bailey
Content via Tuesday Talk with Alex
Tuesday Talk with Alex
Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Alex, a C5/C6 quadriplegic, credits his mom for always being his biggest supporter. He interviewed her on his blog (Tuesday Talk With Alex) to give his readers a mother’s perspective on what it was like to raise a son with a disability.

Picture of Alex and his mom

Alex was injured in a car accident when he was nine months old. His mother was also injured in the accident. Alex’s first question for his mother was “What were your first thoughts when you realized your son was paralyzed after the car accident?” She replied that she was overjoyed waking up from a coma, and seeing her son smiling. Alex’s mother was a pediatrician, so she had taken care of children with multiple injuries and disabilities. She was grateful and knew her son was going to be okay. But, she does admit that having a son with a physical disability did change her role as a physician.  “I thought I was an empathetic pediatrician before the accident, but after taking care of my own child’s special needs, I became more observant and more vocal about the needs of my patients. Most families don’t know how to maneuver in the medical system and I was able help them identify resources,” she says.

Alex’s mom states Alex’s school system was a great support for learning about resources and services for people with disabilities. She also mentions the vocational rehabilitation services and various community resources.

“I wondered if Alex would become angry about his injury after he was old enough to understand what happened. Even as a young boy, he accepted the fact that some children were different.”

Alex asks his mother the thought-provoking question: “Why is independence important for your son?” She responded, “Independence is important for survival in today’s world. Disabled persons should grow up confident in their abilities. Learning to drive an adapted vehicle has allowed Alex the freedom to have a job, further his education, and participate in community activities.”

Alex’s mom gives the following advice for fellow parents who have children with disabilities. “I recommend parents teach their children to set goals and dreams and to give them the opportunity and resources to achieve their goals. We all have to survive in this world and some of us have different obstacles to overcome.”

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